About this blog

Periodista was launched in early 2009, when I was working in Costa Rica as a staff reporter for The Tico Times, and freelancing for The Miami Herald, Fodor’s travel guides, and a few other publications. Through it, I hoped to offer a view of the country and of Central America in its complexity and idiosyncrasies by posting original articles and commentary. It was also a chance to explore the fluid world of online journalism while I continued to work in traditional media.

In June, however, I returned to the United States after nearly five years in Tiquicia. I stopped posting as I reconsidered my life and work. Now, I have settled in Portland, Oregon, and am thrilled about building a new life in a city that is both deeply familiar and intriguingly new to me.

I have decided to put Periodista on hold as I focus on Portland, Oregon and the United States. These posts are a snapshot of my reporting and writing during the first half of 2009, and of some of the major issues arising in Costa Rica and Central America during that time. When I find the space to return to writing about Latin America, I may pick it back up. In the meantime you can follow me on twitter, or look for my reporting in The Oregonian and other publications.


– Leland


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