The Beach Times

Over Their Heads in Ankle-Deep Water A pastor ventures into a dangerous slum just a stone’s throw from a coastal tourism boom town.

Killer Floods Devastate Much of the Country Thousands are evacuated and at least 18 killed in flooding and landslides.

Government Wins As Country Votes Yes To CAFTA — For the first time in history, an international trade agreement is put to popular vote, and Costa Ricans narrowly approve the Central American Free Trade Agreement with the United States

After All The Suffering, Suddenly Hope — The third of three stories I did on a Costa Rican teenager’s battle with a rare and deadly bacterial infection.

Crackdown on Cross-Border Sex Criminals — Costa Rica is a destination not only for nature-lovers, surfers and adventurers, but also North Americans, and in particular US citizens, trying to outrun the law.

Foreign Investment in Local Property Triples — In a country one quarter the size of Oregon, foreign investment in property goes from $70 million to at least $192 million in a 12 month period.


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